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What Fuel and oil for my BMW R35?


Hi everybody,
please, help me about fuel. I have original motor only 7500km!!!
Use aditivum lead to fuel - Natural95?
What fuel and oil use to my motor? In what proportion fuel VS oil?
Thanky you


It was a long time for me to get some really good informations, i decided to use Millers oils after a long time of research, and after help of millers oils specialists my oils are :

Millers oil pistoneeze P40 -engine
Millers VSPe POWER PLUS- as add to PB95 (works really perfect)
Millers CLASSIC DIFFERENTIAL OIL 90- as differential oil
Millers CLASSIC GEAR OIL EP 80w90- as gearbox oil (i'm not really sure if this was a good choice) because of semi grade specific

These are my oils for this rocket ; D

"In what proportion fuel VS oil?" i don't understand this question u add oill to fuel only in 2T engines, BMW r35 has 4T engine.
you schould use add to fuel, only if you have original soft valve seats, i prefer to use VSPe power plus, it make motorcycle more powerfull and healty and make ur valves stable.

Nowadays there is no lead in fuel that's the reason you have to use fuel improvers, for protect of valve seats.

Thank you very much!!!
Millers Oils VSPe Power Plus use to standart fuel natural95?

Thank you

standard 95 is fine for millers vspe it works greate together for me.


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